Sunday, 2 March 2014

Early March 1934 - Terrick to Mary

Me Old Companion, 

To make up for two empty envelopes: -
When I got home last night I found the first five volumes of the Daily Sketch "1,000 short stories" waiting for me.  I have been reading some in my lunch hour which I spent in the city.  I had to go to Bishopsgate about flags, pennants and bunting (!!) to decorate the ballroom at Fort William and I had lunch at Dirty Dick's: sausages & mash, beer, bread and butter and cream cheese (the butter & cheese not spread but sloshed on in lumps nice and thick and satisfying)

Paul and I are trying to get a box for our friends at hte Albert Hall.  The big ones hold ten so we shall have you, Renny, five foreigners, Brenda, Peter Corbould (2nd brother) and his sister (I can't remember her name).

I feel quite bored about to-night's performance; that (except for the danger of it making me yawn on the stage) will probably make me act a lot better than when I was all keyed up at knowing that you were smiling your chubby smile of amusement at my efforts.

Bung ho, old thing!!

and Love  Terrick  XXX

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