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19th March 1934 - Mary to Terrick


Monday 7-15

Dearest old thing - thank you ever so much for the too letters which both arrived at breakfast this morning.  I have only just had time to finish reading the second one.  The "play" rush gets more frantic as the hours leap on.  I shall possibly enter as Sir Christopher Hatton in my best petticoat - not having had time to make my doublet & hose.

Thank you for the over-poweringly unexpected invitation for Easter.  I can't think of anything I'd like to do better in one way - but there are a tremendous lot of "againsts" too - don't you think so? - Perhaps the greatest is that my family couldn't spare me.  I don't think - at least I fondly imagine Mummy would prefer Easter with me at home.  I haven't asked her yet - but I will and see what effect the suggestion has on her!  Anyway - it gives me a gigantically gratified feeling to think I've been asked - I hope you didn't have to "season" the suggestion too much when broaching it to Wensley!  Gosh - I should love it - fancy going all that way with just you - but I'm afraid I shall have to wait until another opportunity crops up - (unless it doesn't!)

But, look here, if your family want you at home for Easter - you'll go - won't you?  I should naturally forgive your contract with us if it was to go home - & we shall have lots more week-ends - shan't we?

Yesterday I shocked both Miss X & Grannie on the subject of religion.  They're both intending to do something about it before it's too late - so, who knows, but that I am bound for the gates of Heaven once more.  I shouldn't mind if I could really be persuaded to believe - i.e. find someone to answer all my questions - because I know such a large number of people I should like to convert!

I'm afraid I shall have to relinquish my ambition to attend the Drama League Easter School - 
(1) I'm not sure about my 10/- a week - and anyway it'll all be spent on Latin coaching
(2) Mummy would hate me going up to town every day for 10 days when I seem to spend so little time at home now.

You see it would cost me about £4 altogether - and after all it only boils down to flattering a lately developed side of my vanity! - So cross out your engagement with me on April 14th & find something else to write over the mess!

I went to interview my Latin coach this evening - the dearest old man - frightfully squashing & disillusioning.  Apparently I know no Latin at all - worth knowing and have to spend the whole of the next fortnight learning elementary grammar!  I ask you!

It's awful to feel myself wavering at the first obstacle!

- Am going to see 'The wind & the Rain' with A. Pears this evening - I hope it's good.

Do you still want "The face of London"? - Anyway I shan't get it until next Monday - so let me know if you think of something nicer.

- It seems years & years ago since I spent half an hour choosing your hankies in Southampton Row - I remember asking Mummy if she thought it would be "proper" for me to send you a birthday present!!

- Gosh how funny! But I sent them with quite a different feeling from what i shall this time.

- You're practically an "old flame" now - ain't you?

I hope you enjoy "Love for Love" - write & tell me what you think of it - I wish I was going with you - it seems such waste of a good ticket when I go with someone else.  I wonder why Rosemary suggested my coming too - very nice of her.

I'm sorry about your not being able to send up your coupons yet - I suppose that because of me last Thursday.  Anyway you'll be free of your "gold-digger" this week won't you? - & let's sit on a seat on the Embankment next Thursday - or go for a tram-ride.

I'm afraid I shan't be shepherding children on Wednesday owing to other people thinking they can do it better! - But I'll come round straight away afterwards.  Ask Jill to point out Greig to you.

- It'll be so much nicer behind knowing you're there.


xxx               Mary Pleasant

Please forgive the pencil

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