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17th March 1934 - Terrick to Mary

17th March 1934


Darling Mary,

It is exactly a year and a half to-day since we met, at eight o'clock in the evening.

Still, I have some[thing] more vital to write about than the past.  Would you like, instead of having me to stay with you, to come to Wensley and stay with us?  I have an invitation for you.  We should get there late on Saturday afternoon and leave on Tuesday afternoon, if you think it worth it.  It isn't nearly so far as Penzance.  Of course it wouldn't be so jolly.

I thought it would be a good idea to invite you now as the Hunt Ball scheme can't come off this year.  I heard from my mother to-day saying O.K.

I'm going to Rosemary to "Love for Love" probably on Monday.  She asked if you would like to come too, but I said that you had already engaged to go with somebody.

Yesterday was a very spring-like day.  I felt - It's no good, I can't describe anything unmaterial.  I am writing this in the office and am constantly interrupted by the Chief Conductor, as Hawken, our boss, is away.

As a letter this is no good, but there is matter in it at any rate.  The invitation will give you something to write about in your letter, which I hope will be a nice one.

I'll write you a better letter this evening.


Terrick   xxx

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