Thursday, 6 March 2014

Early March - Terrick to Mary

Dearest Mary

Here is your ticket.  The time is 7.15.  If you arrive at about 6.45 you will have plenty of time to find the box.  I enclose a plan of the hall but Box 18 is not mentioned.  Perhaps though it will help you later in the evening to find your way about.

A client sent five shillings as a tip to someone who, she thought, had done her a service but who, in fact, did not exist.  So this evening the Administration Dept, that is Hawken, the staff manager; Digby, the Chief Conductor, and I went out and had some beers on it.  We drank for 5.50 to 8.5 p.m. and just remained sober - , but only just.  when the 5/- was finished the S.M. stood the drinks.  I had to have dinner at Lyons.

I heard from the S.M., while expansive after much beer, that I could have Easter free from midday on Saturday till Wednesday morning.  So I shall start saving up for something enterprising.  Have you any ideas?

In the box at the Albert Hall there will be: Peter Corbould, his sister, my cousin Rosemary and Capt Adshead (husband of same) probably, two strange friends of Paul's Not Brenda (who has a bad throat), probably Alex Smith & Pat Smith whom you have met and possibly Oswald Hollmann, another prep. school friend of mine.  I shall come round as much as possible.

I have had no reply from Bernard Newman.  One was hardly necessary; perhaps he is thinking up something rude to say about my acting in retaliation.

I hope you enjoyed yourself this evening.

Tomorrow morning I have to go and meet the General Manager of the Swiss Federal Railways in London prior to our both meeting the yodellers in the afternoon.  Our managing director Commander Studd, is also going to be there, so I'll put on my best overcoat.

The yodellers will probably leave the Albert Hall before 10 p.m so I hope to have time to dump them and come back to dance.  Unfortunately they are staying at a hotel in Bloomsbury.  There are fifteen of them and one woman.

Goodbye, dear, till Saturday.

Love from 

Terrick   xxx

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