Wednesday, 26 March 2014

26th March 1934 - Mary to Terrick

Dunally Lodge

Monday 1934

Very, very many happy returns of the day.  I can't think of anything to say that sounds adequate - but it would make a tremendous difference to me if you didn't have any more happy ones !!!

I'm at home today because of another rotten boil I've got over one eye - I spent this morning in bed, but it's much better now and I've been dragged out on the river by Flip - hence appalling writing!

We're quite mad - it's about 6.30pm - and dusky - but I suppose it's doing Flip good.

- I shall see you tomorrow & give you your birthday present then.  I won't come inside but will wait on the pavement (shades of mother!) I don't seem to have talked to you for years - such a lot has happened since last time I saw you.

- Heaven bless us next weekend - about the weather I mean!

- the best of everything for always

Love Mary   xxx

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