Tuesday, 18 March 2014

18th March 1934 - Mary to Terrick



Just before post goes

Frightful rush - but this is in the hopes that I'm crossing one to me in the post! - Anyway - if I'm not - do write please - It makes such a tremendous difference to the whole day.

Have sat in the lounge solidly since church this morning sewing, sewing, sewing - I shall tack on gold braid in my sleep.

Spent all yesterday morning at the Hall arranging rehearsal times and scenery  - and all the afternoon painting the "garden hedge" - its in two pieces and each half is entirely different and neither look anything like a garden hedge.

Went to "youth Campaign" meeting on Friday - we have 80 people down from Oxford billeted on the town for 2 weeks to try and revive "personal religion" in people form 16 - 35 years old.  very interesting - it was held in the most wonderful old house - just the kind I'd like to live in one day.

The family & Grannie & Auntie Nell are coming on Wednesday - & Miss Cross is making a speech from the platform in the middle so do come.

I long terrifically for Easter weekend - you won't suddenly decide to go somewhere else will you?

- Thank you ever & ever so much for last Thursday - you are a dear - I'm so unbelievably silly.

- You're such a boon to me in being something else to think about besides "school".


Mary P.    xxx

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