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17th March 1934 - Terrick to Mary again


17th March 1934


I resisted an invitation from Paul to go to Carshalton and do a long walk, in order to finish my swotting of dramatic technique for Edwy.  My library book was due back in the Drama League Library on Thursday so I had to get down to it.

I worked all this afternoon by the dining-room window with the sun shining, and finished at quarter to seven.  I have made fifty-six exercise-book pages of notes.  Tomorrow I'll start testing Edwy by the principles I have written down.

The woman who sits at the table next to mine is a great handicap.  She will insist on talking to me while I am reading or writing.  I now answer her very shortly without looking up.
I have got out of the library now "the Passion Play of Oberammagau" and three plays by Lunachanski, the Russian Minister for Education.

The proprietor of 186 has suddenly put daffodils on all the dining-room tables!! Daffodils in a boarding-house are like a child in a work-house.  Mrs White must have gone out and come all over spring-like.

Paul and I are contemplating another push with the Mutual Marketing co., but first revising it.  If the present proposed revision goes through I believe that you will get 2/6 commission immediately, as the idea is to pay commission on the 2nd sale onwards, instead of only on the 4th sale.  I believe you sold two, didn't you?  Another improvement will be a better value article.  It will mean less profit per article for us, but we hope for a bigger turn-over.  When I say "less profit", don't laugh.  Now that I am in England I can do my share of pushing the scheme.

I have finished collecting my coupons for the short story volumes, but I am too broke to send them in yet.

If we do go to Wensley for Easter I shall take some books back with me that I don't want here.  Soon I shall have to buy a bookshelf.  Already I have to keep my five short story volumes piled up on end.

Have you got your beefeater hat yet?  I am longing to see you showing your girls into their seats 0 shepherding them I meant to say.  I can only just - with an effort - picture you as a school ma'am. Miss Cross I am curious to see too - and Miss Gregg (Greig?).

I'll look round and see if I can find something out of the ordinary to do on Tuesday week.

People started talking all round, and I have to keep giving German words to explain to a Danish girl what the others mean.  so I'll pack up.  Goodnight old thing and



Terrick    xxx

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