Friday, 21 February 2014

21st February 1934 - Mary to Terrick

Face gets spottier and spottier.


Wed: 3.0 p.m.

You know where the road turns off down beside the school.  Well, I'm sitting on the window ledge with my feet out on the parapet - looking up the hill - just basking in the gentle spring sunshine! - Also writing with my fountain pen - hence different writing.

- Thank you for this morning's letter - what will happen when you run out of original beginnings? - I suppose you'll start all over again.  What did you write it for? - the letter, I mean. - just to keep up the current?  I was going to write to you yesterday, too because I've got your ticket to send you - apparently it's the last one in the front of the balcony - but now I believe Genevieve & my little German girl are both coming on Saturday - so I've got to try for two tickets for them.  They'll probably be somewhere behind you - so do see to them in the 20 mins interval - will you?  -

- I think I must have got out of bed the wrong side this morning- the children were dreadful - in the first place I could have sworn you spelt "Pharaoh" - "pharoah"! - & they all fished out their bibles & proved me wrong! - Wherewith I blushed becomingly - because I also made a blunder with "vallies" last week! - perhaps spelling isn't my strong point. - and then the babes nearly wore my patience through with asking silly questions & getting their arithmetic wrong! - & Jean nudges Daphne in the middle of lunch to show her the bud she's fished out of her onion on the end of her fork - my lunches are absolute purgatory unless I've been to see a new "Mickey Mouse" the day before!  Anyway, I feel better now - the window ledge & sun is restoring me to my original state!

I went up to English yesterday evening - (thinking all the way "this time last week") & was dashing for my train at 8.17 - (the first time I've had an early Tuesday this term) when I ran straight into Andrew Pears.  He was running for the train too & said he had a "secret mission" in Richmond so we came down together - when I first ran into him I thought he must be quite mad - but he'd apparently done the same thing on Monday - only missed me because I left early for rehearsal.  Poor kid! - I'm tremendously sorry for him - he's in a rotten state & terrifically worried money & a job. - so now he's worried me too!

I'm going to rehearsal early this evening to do my dead man bit. - I shouldn't be a black slave unless you can help it - you'd catch your death of cold on that draughty little stage & besides, you haven't got the right kind of hair!

Can't you possibly manage the Old Girls dance next Saturday? - Or is it because you know you wouldn't enjoy it? - or because you think you've been to enough with me lately? - I don't mind, of course, if you honestly can't come - but if you don't I shall go with Jack & I hate wasting 4/6. - and it would be horrible after going to Hansel & Grethel in the afternoon - but it doesn't really matter - (in case I sound 'come-hitherish'!)

- This is a horrid weekend - I've got a horribly stupid inside -

write to me - please- 


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