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20th February 1934 - Terrick to Mary


20th February 1934


Yesterday (Monday) evening our real producer, Miss Pezano, appeared for the first time.  She had been ill.  She is a tartar.  Only about thirty, rather nice looking, with a voice like a machine gun volley.  She has altered the set of the play, cut pages and changed all the business.

In "Good Friday", which she set on Monday, I have go the part of a black slave who wears nothing, I believe, but a loin cloth.  At its next rehearsal I am going to find out for certain how much I wear, because if I have to black myself nearly all over, it is not worth the trouble for only three lines, particularly in view of the rush on the bathroom here at 186.  The play is by Masefield and is in only one act.

All my work on biscuits, coffee and paper cups has been for nothing.  We have been successful in arranging for breakfast to be supplied at Basle.  Still I have learnt a lot from my investigations.

I got "a medal" today for discovering the maker of the bakelite tops to Woolworth's salt and pepper pots.  I spent about an hour oat the telephone in finding out.

This is not a very nice letter because there are stacks of people all round talking.

I must stop now too because I have two three other letters to write in quarter of an hour.

It seems a long time till Saturday.


Terrick  xxx

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