Sunday, 16 February 2014

16th February 1934 - Terrick to Mary



16th February


I will come on Saturday but I think that two week-ends running is a tall order, so tell your mother that I'm coming this weekend instead of next.  Perhaps I'll come and have tea with you on Sunday week if you are all alone.  I'll come to the play of course.

I hope you will recognise me when we meet, but as I have just got a new pair of glasses perhaps I had better wear a carnation in my button-hole.  My new glasses have no metal in them.

It is a wonderful day to-day.  Too good for office-work.

Have you started the orange psychology book yet?

And - 

When are you going to read - "The Life of the Bee"?

You will love it when you do.  I shan't get you a birthday present till you have read the Christmas one.

I'll be outside Richmond station at 9.15 on Saturday, you know how I am looking forward to it!


Terrick xxx

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