Sunday, 26 January 2014

26th January 1934 - Mary to Terrick

Old Vicarage School

Friday 8.45 am.

- Dear Old Thing - just a terrifically hurried note which must be finished in 10 minutes to say that I was talking to Mums on the phone last night & she seems to expect you to come down for weekend on Saturday - our last weekend at Dunally.

- You probably think it's only because she wants you to bring me home on Saturday night - and I expect half of it is - but when I said that I hadn't thought of asking you as you were coming half-term weekend - she said "Oh, do ask him" (possibly because we got to move somethings up to Saunton on Sunday!)

Anyway I thought I'd write it to give you a chance of getting out of it.  I can easily go home from Waterloo by myself - because it won't be so very late - & you're probably getting a bit tired of "necessary" weekends with the Ormistons - But I know Mummy honestly does like having you - because - after all - you are a "dear little boy"!

-  But you think about it - & perhaps 'phone me tonight after 10.40 - so I can let Mummy know.

Mr Lingwood isn't coming to the match - so you'd better think about that too! - Perhaps if you turned up about 3.30 - (& I should like you to) - I could get out of tea and we could take a bus to Golders Green & walk over the hill to Haverstock?  I should like that.  But if it's raining like it is now - the match will be scratched & I'll probably take Jill to a flick in town & could come on to Haverstock after that - if you really mean you'll give me some dinner - do you? - But if the match is scratched I'll phone you at the office on Saturday morning.

- Must stop & see to prayers - what hymn shall we have?

- Noone has 1½d stamp - heavens, what a life - 


                                              Mary P.

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