Tuesday, 7 January 2014

7th January 1934 - Mary to Terrick

Dunally Lodge


3. p.m.

Have just come up to change to go out to the Binghams to tea - so this'll have to be in a hurry.

You left your hat & gloves behind - as doubtless you've discovered.  Will you be wanting them this week? - If so I'll devise some way of getting them to you.

What was the baby like?- we didn't do anything yesterday - just sat round the tire all the time and thought.  I seem to have thought an enormous amount these last two days - not about anything in particular.

I wish it were this time last week.  Flip & I went for a walk this morning.

I'm afraid Hodson is becoming a bit of a canker in us all - but you should see Mummy when he's not here.

I had an awful dream last night that some strange man was in bed with me.  Is this a bad sign?  Anyway, it woke me up!

During my free half-hour this morning I read up some history to do with the babes - about the tune of St. Augustine - & I went on & on & was tremendously thrilled to discover Edwy & Befgwa (?) & Dunstan all written about properly - just as they do in your play!  - Since then I've dug up all our reference history books to find their names again - it gives a long paragraph on Dunstan.  I should like you to write another play & for you to get me to hunt up references for you - but after Robin Hood.  Will you have me? - & I could type things for you too - it would be great fun!  I'd love you to be a great writer - only I'm afraid I'm too sceptical.

I must go down to tea now - please excuse this dreadful writing - but I'm not in the best of positions for letter-writing.

- Am longing & longing for Saturday.

Mary P.

P.S. Our weekend left such a definite impression that I feel quite different.  I feel as if I'd retraced my steps & started out on another route.

- would you like to write to me so that I get a letter on Saturday morning? - Or would that be greedy?

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