Wednesday, 4 March 2015

4th March 1935 - Mary to Terrick




You must forgive any seeming incoherence in this - but 5 children and myself have spent from 10. this morning until 5. discovering the many interests of Windsor Castle & Eton College - and since then have completed an hour's lantern lecture with sausage rolls & fruit salad to end up with. - They've just departed to bed and I feel like the piece of a sausage roll one tries to leave.

I have been looking forward to this moment all day.  I planned it this morning in bed.

How did the Communist meeting go?  I wish you'd go & punch Lamb's fat head.  If one can warrant for Mummy's anecdotes (which I think are fairly reasonable fundamentally) he considers your communism a mere outlet for emotionalism which will pass - and puts it in the same category as "you and me" - which attachment, he considers, will also pass with time as we're both far too much alike! - Of course patches where one does resemble another person have to be rightly handled, and then they can become the best of blessings and I'm absolutely magnificent at collect "handling" - Tell him he's a platitudinist without experience!!

Would it be all right if we arrived about 8.30-9. next Saturday? - Because we're dropping Sibyl & husband in town and Johnnie & Jack & I planned to come on afterwards - it will be fun even watching the mobs "uttering their deal of stinking breath" and we shan't have to sit there so long without seeing you!  Make sure about Paul's party & evening dress will you? - Because it'll be awful to turn up clad versus their unclad.

Did you send me "The Lake"? - I've had a .c. from Thespians this morning - inviting me there for the reading on Wednesday and saying "Any friends who are interested are also invited" - "Light refreshments" - Won't you come too? It'll be as dull as ditchwater, listening to multitudes of bad readers, but you can spare an O.T. lecture, can't you? & it would be wonderful to have you there, instead of being separated by 100 yds of road with half our thoughts off what we're doing.

If you will come it really does away with drastic need for having supper at Codena on Wednesday - But it would still be very nice - and you can continue my lecture on Communism to your heart's content!

Write to me tomorrow - oh curse, of course, it's Bradford - but if poss, just a p.c. to let me know.

They've cast me for Oberon - quite bucked.  One or two wonderful compliments paid me by complete strangers - (my poor head!)

Woeful weekend without you - and the family spend the time when you're not down making silly jokes about us - Hodson & friend made me sick - so did Jill.

All my heart and longing - because I love you so very much.


Mary Pleasant.

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