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15th March 1935 - Terrick to Mary

Leeds Town Hall

15th March 1935


I am sitting in the hall of the above listening to a rehearsal & waiting to get on the phone to the leader of the dance orchestra

Just phoned.

All around me are sitting people who are waiting to be called as witnesses in the law courts.  The assizes are going on in the courts in this building.  Our rehearsal is brightening their faces considerably.

Now we have just been told to keep the doors shut.  The noise of the music is percolating into the courts, & the judges don't like it.

I got your letter that wanted "plenty of time" etc, just in one of my busiest moments, as I was packing all the props & had only half an hour to do it before my train went.

But I downed tools immediately I saw it & it made my work a lot lighter to have read it.

Last night all the "circus" went to see "Dirty Work" and "Name the Woman" here in Leeds.  "D.W." is not early so good as most of Ralph Lynn's.

This morning we played billiards & did a crossword puzzle before coming to the Town Hall.  At present there are six of us.  The others are doing other jobs elsewhere or coming from London.

Last night I was dog tired and after we had finished dinner (we went to the cinema first) I went up to bed almost immediately.

It is great fun going about the country like a troupe of strolling actors, - for a bit.

As soon as the rehearsal is finished we are going to lunch.  We have just sent three of the party ahead to reserve a table for us at a restaurant.  After lunch I shall be hard at work getting everything ready right up till it is time to go to the hotel to change and get dinner before coming back to the show itself.  So I'll finish now.

As soon as I get back to London I'll ask for the rise.  But it is not much good getting it.  It would be only a flea bite compared with what I must have.  I must try something outside the travel business.

Renny might join the Thespians.  I would if I were any good as an actor.


3.30 p.m.

Preparations are in full swing.  The hall will look nicer than any of the others.  It is a pity the sales are so bad.  At Manchester we were overflowing & couldn't seat everybody.

I may possibly get a day or two's holiday after the last Reunion.  I shall just about need it.

How is your part going in "Fantastic Flight"?  Do you feel satisfied with yourself?  If I get the Monday and Tuesday after Bradford off I shall go home from there & shan't see Jack & Jill do their parts.

6.30 p.m.

Must try & post this now.  I'll ring you on Saturday about Sunday.  I think I'll come to Richmond.  It will give us more time.

Love   Terrick.

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