Friday, 20 March 2015

20th March 1935 - Terrick to Mary

2 Earl's Court Square

20th March 1935

My Darling Mary,

I have just written home and, when I have finished this letter, shall go out & post them & then straight to bed.

This week will be the end of the worst.  Next week and afterwards I may actually have more to do but it will be all one job instead of two jobs in different rooms on different floors of the building.  It has been too much.  I keep having to leave the job in one room to deal with an emergency in the other & vice versa and it has been a miracle that something important hasn't been overlooked.

I have been trying to wangle Paul into the Nice party at Easter, and today a good opportunity cropped up of doing it.  I think probably the trick is done but I shall not know for certain for a week or so.  We have never repped together yet.

I wish you and the company all the very best of luck in your Fantastic Flight.  It is a very ambitious effort as regards producing and stage-managing.

Well, goodnight dear; I am looking forward to the week-end very much.

Mummy says in the letter we got to-day: "We always notice that Terrick has to go to his Mary directly he comes home from anywhere.  She has found the cure for his large heart!"  It is the first time she has been prepared to admit that it wasn't just a passing fancy with me.  I have said that you have found the cure all right; the only snag is the miserable £4 a week.

Goodnight again, darling

I love you so much.


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