Saturday, 21 March 2015

21st March 1935 - Terrick to Mary

Alexandra Hotel
Gt Horton Road

21st March 1935

My Darling Mary,

It is a boiling hot night.  Mr May & I have just got back to the hotel from a cinema where we have seen "We Live Again" and a very good Silly Symphony "The Flying Mouse".

I believe I said or wrote to you that it was a miracle that, as I had to do two different jobs, nothing important had been overlooked.  Well today the Manager here has said he couldn't do our show and make it pay & demanded compensation.  One of his points was that I had not advised him till Feb 26th that I had changed the date of the reunion from 1st March to the 22nd.  I felt sure I had but the correspondence was in my bag at the hotel.  I hedged off till tomorrow morning till I could check the fact, but inwardly I said to myself "Here is 'the important thing overlooked'".

Directly I got back from the cinema I went up to my room & dug out the correspondence.  There was my letter of 7th Dec & his of 10th Dec. definitely fixing for 22nd March!

So the miracle is still going on.

In the train coming up, while May slept, I started "Common Sense About Sex" the book Paul bought.  I have already learnt a lot I did not know.  It is very sensibly written & I'll bring it to Dunally with me so that you can read it over the week-end.  You ought to.

There are so many, many things I want to say to you, to tell you how much I love you, but I cannot put them down because directly I try the feeling comes up in me that I have said much and that now I cannot bear to say anything else until I have done something, done something towards fulfilling or love, marrying you.

Even to say "I love you", makes me feel like a man standing on the bank of a river watching another one drown & calling out "I'll save you, I'll save you" and doing nothing.  I am almost ashamed to say "I love you".

Before, I always had the reason for not having made money that I was not sufficiently interested in money making, but now I have a very good reason and by all that's holy I'm going to make enough to marry on if it wears me to a shadow.

If I can do the things the Poly consider me capable of surely I can wring a few hundreds a year more out of this stupid world.

Darling, help me with your influence on me.

Darling, goodbye now till tomorrow night.  It is morning and I must get to work.

All my heart is yours.


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