Thursday, 29 January 2015

29th January 1935 - Terrick to Mary

2 Earl's Court Square
S.W. 5

29th January 1935

My darling Mary Pleasant,

Thank you for your very, very nice letter.  It had its due effect.  

How did Matron's fiancé get £6 a week?  That is the important question to ask.  Perhaps he got a degree at the School of Economics.  The railways pay very badly so he must be a star of some sort.  I suppose they have some private income of their own or they couldn't get married on only £6 a week.

The "Family Feud" was a joke of Renny's.  Does that complaint business still worry your mother?  I am sure Renny has forgotten about it long ago; except that he was rather taken aback at your mother bringing it up again in the middle of the party.  I'll try & let her know that he never thought about it again, when I come down with her tomorrow.  Unfortunately I may only succeed in making things worse because I have got something I must tell her about (not complain about). Unfortunately she takes everything as a complaint.

If you found any reasons to be lucky at my wanting to marry you, they must have been peculiar ones.  I can only think of one: because you want to marry me.

I'll get you Laburnam Grove for Friday if that will do.

Nothing from Snowball.  He may be waiting till he can tell me personally.  He will be back in a day or two.  Anyhow I'll write and remind him.

Darling, I started this letter before the lecture meaning to go on afterwards.  I expected to get back at 10.30, but they couldn't get the lantern out of a locked cupboard, so it is now 11.30.  Ten minutes to last post.

It's no good trying to measure how much I love you.  It's like a snow ball, every day it collects more of itself.

All of it.


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