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The 101st - written 13th January 1935 - Given by hand 20th January 1935 - Mary to Terrick

In Bed after Hot Bath

January 13th 1935

Being the 101st this should be inscribed in gold with a jewelled pen, wrapped around my heart, tied with the ribbon of Sincerity and sealed with the Seal of Faith; flung to the four winds, and, under the favourable guidance of Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, delivered into your hands' where my heart would whisper you all the things about myself I never knew - and you, in answer, would despatch me yours (as a temporary loan) enclosed in many plans, tied with the ribbon of Fulfilment, and sealed with the Seal of Nobility;  placed on the warm wind of Everlasting Hope, and borne to me by the Spirit of Confidence.  And for a single moment we should know each other with a perfect understanding - and be content, withal, in knowing - that we, together, might live to the end that all men live - and in the end be granted certainty that we have re-given to this life "good measure, pressed down and running over "with the part of ourselves that no other man can give."

*          *          *          *          *

Instead, it is a very ordinary love letter from me to you.  The love I use in loving you is different from anything I have ever heard of before.  It is new and strange and I do not understand it.  It isn't a flash of blinding and everlasting happiness - but more like something just being born, that nobody has ever seen before, but which I must learn about, until it becomes a part of me; and until I need fear it not more because I shall understand every little particle of it - I shall stand in the sun-shadow of a very old tree and smile gently at it because I know it is safe, because it has you and me to look after it for always.

Dear Heart, I love you as much as I have learnt how - please help me always - 


Mary Pleasant

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