Friday, 9 January 2015

9th January 1935 - Mary to Terrick


1.35 p.m.

Dear Terrick

Mr Hodson is bringing this up for me so that you get it directly you come in.  I phoned you yesterday - forgetting you would most probably be out with your Mother.  Will you come to a dance at the Kew Pavilion tomorrow - Thursday?  Mrs Vaughn has asked the 4 of us to go as her guests - you know - like the one we took a party to before.  I rather expect you'll look worried and say "Sorry, old thing, I really don't think I can because I'm going to one tonight - and another with you on Saturday  and I must see something of my mother and get some work done" - so I'm trying to keep my hopes from rising too high - but I thought the chance of a free evening with you when I didn't expect it was too good to waste by not asking.  We're coming up to Earls Court to change tomorrow evening - as Mummy & I are going to the Empire at 12.30.  Jack's coming too and we're all going down to Kew together.

How is Mrs FitzHugh? - Did you tell her about our idea?

Goodness me, this seems a very long week.  I'm not going out with Miss Olsson on Saturday so will it be all right if I still get to you about 4.30? - Or would you rather I left it until later? The last train leaves Waterloo at 12.05 - it's a bit of a nuisance isn't it?  Means leaving about 11.45.

Mervyn's just phoned to ask me to go to a dance with him this evening - so if you see Mummy just let her know will you?  Every time I ask her to ask you about coming to this Kew Dance she says "why not ask Mervyn?" - until I said "because I don't like him (which is a fib) and because I'd never ask anybody to go to a dance with me but Terrick" - So she'll be so pleased.

If you've got time to phone this evening will you do it before 7?

- All my love for ever

Hope you have a nice time this evening too.

Mary Pleasant.

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