Sunday, 18 January 2015

18th January 1935 - Terrick to Mary

2 Earl's Court Square

18th January 1935

Darling Mary, 

When Mummy was in town she asked me if I was worried about anything as I looked so worried.  I told her truthfully that life had never been better, but later I noticed myself looking serious.  I found it was because I was thinking absolutely about the same thing I had been thinking about a lot, and at the moment Mummy asked me if I was worried, namely: how on earth to earn enough to get married.  Marrying you has become a really pressing problem.  It is not something I should like to do and will do some day.  It is something that has got to be done by me as soon as possible, an urgent task set by God.

I love you so much that life is only half life without you always near.  It does not disturb me to think that after a few years the flame of love will get dimmer, because we simply couldn't live comfortably if it were always to be as hot and dazzling as it is now.

Your idea of love in man and in women is supported by Byron who said: 

     "Love is of man's life a thing apart. 'Tis woman's whole existence".

With great labour, interruptions etc I have churned out my four pages of "Edwy".  I know I shall never keep up the pace.

Re the Poly, I hear that Hawken wanted me to be his successor, but Elliott insisted that Stonelake ought to get it.  I may get it yet if I outshine him.  I don't know what he is like as a worker.

Renny is having a bath.  Lamb has gone to bed fed up because I won't come out and have a drink with him.

I must have a look for your 101st letter.  I think I have not filed it yet.  This morning's should be the 102nd.

A fellow called Gibbons is going to be rep at Grindlewald this year.  If you were out there with your mother for a time before I left the Poly he would keep an eye on you, he is a good chap.

I love you so much, darling.  If anything can make a prosperous citizen out of me it will be the urge to marry you.  I am not anywhere near worthy of you; but I am afraid I won't have any girl but the best, so I mustn't worry about it.

Now, darling, goodnight.  I shall see you about three hours after you get this.  Thank Heaven!

All my heart


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