Saturday, 17 January 2015

17th January 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Dunally Lodge


Darling - I don't think this letter will be worth its 1½d - because all I can think of to tell you is what a terrific lot you mean to me - everywhere and every day - loving you seems to be growing into the biggest part of my life - I mustn't let it grow too big.

I keep on thinking of Grindlewald and your letter.  It would be wonderful.  Doing anything with you would be wonderful even if it didn't do all we hoped.

Mummy phoned this morning and I mentioned your lecture on Sunday evening to her.  But as Grannie's coming and will have to be taken home in the car about 10.00 it doesn't look as if we'd be able to have it. - and Mummy says if we've got visitors here I can't possibly go off and leave them - so altogether I feel as if I shall be very and outstandingly disagreeable next Sunday evening at about 7 p.m.  It'll be awful.

Also I'm calling for Mummy at Earls Ct. at about 11 on Saturday morning, I think , to be home in time for lunch - so it looks as if we'll miss you altogether.  But I'll phone you if Mummy suggests anything.

Life, at the moment, seems one hectic maze of trying to see you whenever I can, it isn't silly - it's just that when I'm with you I seem to get the maximum out of everything, so I can't help myself.

Loving, with a man, is part (however great a part) of his great living scheme - with a woman its "living" in the greatest sense of her word.  Don't say "Well it's all wrong for her to let it be" - because it was only just a thought that occurred to me.

Until Saturday

Yours with everything I have

Mary xxx

By the way, isn't it about time I once more saw your handsome handwriting on a fresh envelope?  Or would that upset the average 3 pages of typing?

I haven't had a letter from your for quite 3 WEEKS !!

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