Wednesday, 28 January 2015

28th January 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Dunally Lodge


Monday 8.45

My very dearest dear,

I seem to spend my days telling you things that I vow to keep to myself.  I suppose everybody goes through the complexes of feelings that I go through at some time in their existence - but it's only me that makes a fuss about mine.  I feel that occasionally you must get very sick and tired of my effusions.

I talked to Matron for ¾ of an hour this afternoon.  She's only 22 and she's been engaged for a year and he's 25 - and she met him at the London School of Economics.  He had a good job in India but threw it up to stay here and got another on railways after only 2 days - she's known him 3 years in March and they're going to get married this summer now that she's given notice to Miss Cross, and she's going home next weekend to somewhere near Kings Lynn to make cushion covers and embroider sheets!!!  So there! - and heaps more! (I didn't do badly - did I?)

I came up in Andy's car this morning.  It went jolly well.  Mummy was a bit so-soy over the weekend because she happened to let out to Jill that Mr Hodson had told her Dudley was away with Mini at the cottage that time he was missing.  I think Jill's a bit cut up about it.  But apparently Mr H. is now going home from 41 and Mini is being instated as house-keeper-manager at a salary of £2 per week when she's got a husband and 3 sons at home in Hampstead - and Mummy has to pay to live and do exactly the same at No 2.  It all seems very queer to me.

I'm frightfully sorry about the "family feud" but I can't do anything because I think I'm a bit more on Mummy's side - but she's definitely coming home for the Easter hols at the beginning of April - so bear up. - (although, mind you, she's done more for the actual cleanliness and general well-being of the house than your old maid ever did!)

I told Mummy over the weekend why I specially thought I was lucky because you wanted to marry me.  The reasons were a bit peculiar, but she seemed to understand - and I've told you lots of times so there's no need to ask me again.

- Can you get me a copy of "Laburnum Grove" by Priestly from the B.D.L. Library? While there's life there's hope!

We've got a very nice new German girl from Potsdam (Oh? ...... Potsdam? ...... I know it well !!!) - we had a long German-English conversation this evening (she's learning English at the Poly.) - and I've specially memorised what "table" and "chair" is !!

- I'm just praying Inge will have me in August because I want to start my German lessons with you so badly.

*          *          *          *

(Latest news bulletin !!! Matron's fiancé has stepped straight into his job at £6 a week!!)

- I long for Wednesday - and even more for Friday because I shall be able to wake you up on Saturday morning - and I love you very very much - & I'm going to get exceptionally cold posting this - & couldn't you just send me a p.c. telling me just exactly how much you love me tomorrow? Because I want to measure it and see if its as much as last time.

Jeremiah sends his love too.

Yours always.

Mary Pleasant

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