Thursday, 12 February 2015

12th February 1935 - Terrick to Mary

2 Earl's Court Square
S.W. 5

12th February 1935

My Darling, 

Am sitting in my armchair feeling lazy.  I must get up soon and do my typing.  Last night I wrote for a job to British Industries House.  I hear they pay well.  I sent them my passport photograph with a stamped addressed envelope for return.  As soon as it comes back I'll write somewhere else.

Bristol Reunion tickets are not selling well and we may cancel it.  If so I shall be relieved of a good deal of work for about ten days.  I'll put in for a rise when I think the best moment has arrived.

Andy, I hear, is laid up.  Apparently he went home at 3 o'clock.  I don't know what is the matter with him.  I must see if he wants anything to read, I suppose; if it's not infectious.

I hope you got my phone message all right.  I did not expect to get much chance to ring again except when you would be at your lunch so I left the message with the maid.

I'll meet you then at the queue, & then we can go off & have something to eat.

A local Communist has said he would come and see me on one of the first two nights of this week.  He hasn't come so far.  I hope he doesn't try tomorrow, because he will be out of luck.

I haven't had time to read up Egyptian religion and write it up, so I'll leave the essay this week.  I have only got to do three more.

Have you heard from Inga yet?

I love you very much, dear.  Tomorrow I'll bring you something I hope you'll like.  Don't start wondering what it is or you'll be very disappointed.

I am afraid there is nothing much in this letter, but I felt like sitting down & writing to you.  The feeling that you are in the world is a very nice and comfortable one.

Now I must get to my typing.

All my heart.


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