Wednesday, 5 December 2012

5th December 1932 - Mary to Terrick

Christchurch Road
East Sheen

Dec: 5th

Dear Fitz,

- Don’t say “oh curse these tenacious & importunious females with their everlasting epistles” just as you were going to – because this time I’ve really got a reason for wasting a few of your valuable (?) moments! – the date of our dance has had to be changed – no one could come on the 6th – so its now Thursday Dec. 29th – can you come? – I’am filled with the terrible trepredation (?)  that you’ll be amongst the vales & hills still - & if so I shall perforce have to don mourning on the night – but if not you’ve simply got to come – I’ve only got 4 partners already & I simply can’t manage without 5!! - & you needn’t worry a bit about getting back because you can easily put up here if you like & go up with us in the morning – or we can get you a lift back to Hampstead- & did you say Paul would have to get back to Hayes? – Because we’ll easily deliver him too! – do please say you’ll come – you could both come down here with Jack & I and dress here after town if you liked – to save you going back to Hampstead – then Mums will have some fodder ready for us all, (she suggested all this so its quite O.K.!) - & she also says shes hostess at another invitation dance on Jan 5th – so will you keep that date open as well?

- and lastly – (don’t breathe a sigh of relief because I can feel it coming !) – will you (if you can’t make up some flawless excuse on the spur of the moment ) come over to tea on Sunday Dec 18th? - & I’ll try & get Norah over too so that we can all go out in my car together somewhere – will you? – or if you’re already booked up then – could you come next Sunday the 11th? – Only I’d rather the 18th because I’m afraid they won’t let Norah come next Sunday & it won’t be half as much fun without her – in fact I should be stricken with embarassment ! (perhaps) – anyway let me know when you’re coming &  I’ll arrange to meet you & guide you to our suburban mansion.

- well – being the third page you must be simply bored to tears (is that a split infinitive? I’m sorry) 

- Norah would send her love if she were here – but unfortunately (for both of us), she’s not -

Please write & let me know all about everything as soon as you get a moment - & don’t think I’m the limit, will you? Because you can easily refuse everything!

- love

Mary Pleasant

P.S. How go the L.S.D?

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