Monday, 10 December 2012

10th December 1932 - Mary to Terrick

Christchurch Road
East Sheen

Saturday Evening 

9.30 pm  

Dear Fitz, (I like “Terrick” much better – but it would take such a lot of getting used to - & sounds too good!) – Thank you very much for both nice letters.  Norah was here the morning the first arrived & we nearly fell out of bed when we saw the address! – you seemed such frantically miles away – but – oh! You lucky lucky dog! – those gorgeous sprightly mornings & those lochs & mountains - & me dragging into buses & out of tubes to sit in the fuggiest office heated with all oil stove!  In fact, practically the whole of Thursday I thought about you & longed to be up there too, ploughing through that lapping water in the ferry boat & seeing porpoises & things.  – oh – it makes me ache with wanting to think of it.

- we are all frightfully bucked you can come on the 29th & 5th – we’ll put you up here & as it happens a school friend of mine has to get back to Carshalton somehow, so Paul can be found some sort of conveyance with her if he doesn’t mind - & perhaps he wouldn’t mind having her as a partner (merely nominally speaking!) because she’s quite decent & can’t get hold of anybody.

It’s frightfully nice of you to try & come on the 18th – but if your family want you for heaven’s sake don’t worry about putting us off at all – because there’ll be lots of other days & they’re such miles away when you’re in London.  But, anyway, we should love to see you - & Norah hopes to come over too – but she’ll have to bring Gray with her as they generally spend Sundays together (they’re rather fond of each other at the moment! But he’s only 19 which is rather annoying - & I have to spend all the time I’m with them stifling the most dreadful “she’s mine” feeling – but I’m getting better & please don’t breathe a word to her – but I thought perhaps you’d understand just what I feel like – do you?)  Let me know if you’re coming & they’ll pick you up in Gray’s car at Hampstead & bring you over – if that’s O.K. with you.

*    *    *    *    *

- you asked me to write you a nice long letter – so this is going to be it.  I didn’t mean to start until tomorrow, but having had a most strenuous game of hockey, as well as run up & down stairs all the morning with orders – I was just dozing in an armchair before a glowing fire, to sentimental dance music on the wireless when Mummy suggested that I should do something or I should never sleep tonight - & this was the first interesting thing I thought of.

Of course the whole of the family immediately wanted to know who I was writing to & on my beaming reply they thought it was miles too soon for me to be writing to you again – only I said you had asked me to – so they had to be content with that! – aren’t families the most damping influence you know? – Well, Jack’s yawning in the opposite chair & keeps on saying “oh hurry up for heavens sake” – so I’ll finish this tomorrow – its simply amazing the large amount I still want to say – so I hope, for your sake, you’re not tired of it already – because I enjoy every moment of it.

- so good-night, old thing – I wonder what you’re doing now.

*    *    *    *    *

after dinner – Sunday

- once more we’re all sitting round the fire again reading – all with the usual contentedly smug faces which tell of the Sunday joint of beef etc. over for the week once more.  I took Flip to a rotten service this morning – the sermon wasn’t bad, but I hate the eceteras (sic). 

On Friday we went to the Waifs & Stray ball at Covent Garden Opera House – we went in a party of about 20 – but they didn’t introduce you to anybody – so I only danced about 6 dances – frightful washout – but I’m awfully glad to have been – next year I shall go, but jolly well choose who I go with !  I always have such a frightful dearth of dances minus family – which are always so very much more enjoyable!

- I’m trying to find one for New Year’s Eve too – but it’s a bit early yet I suppose.

- for the last week I’ve been simply wracking my brains for Norah’s Christmas present & the only thing I want to give her is a scarf exactly like yours – would you mind? – but we both liked it so frightfully much & couldn’t afford it when we were there – so do you think you could get me another? – but it must be exactly the same – green stripe & everything – or else she wouldn’t appreciate it to its full extent I’m afraid!! – anyway (providing, of course, you don’t mind!) I enclose 7/6 & if its any more let me know – won’t you? But I think they were only that - & if they haven’t got another don’t bother – thanks very much.  - & next time we come up to F.W with you, you’ll have to lend me yours just to take off from Norah’s swelled head!!!

- Well – Mummy says I am the limit & you’ll never wade through all this – but it wouldn’t make much difference to you if you didn’t .

How’s the book going? – I always considered the plot much more important!

- Well – I’ll actually stop now & go out & try & get rid of a few dance tickets.

My family send their love & think you’re mad to have got this far.

- love

Mary Pleasant

P.S.  are you sure that plan for the accumulation of Vast Millions is really O.K? – because it worries me a bit – I should hate to have to visit you behind wire netting with 3 days growth of beard on your chin!

P.P.S. – Don’t you like this:-
“a quiet primrose sky, patterned with the flight of homing birds” – I’ve just found it in my library book.

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