Friday, 21 December 2012

21st December 1932 - Mary to Terrick

P. Ormiston & Sons, Ltd.
79 Clerkenwell road


Dear Fitz.

- Frightfully bucked you can both come on the 29th – at least that was the message I had delivered so I hope it’s correct – (Mitchell is not one of the best on the phone!) - & can Paul stay the night at our place too? – (or wouldn’t he like to?) – Because its such a beat of a way over to Carshalton at that hour of the morn: that we’re putting the girl up too - & you & he can have the boys room between you – while Jack & Mr Hodson esconce themselves in the drawing room !! – It would be great fun – so do persuade him to – you’ll change at our place, too, won’t you? – I’ll take the car up to town in the morning & pick you both up at 6. & we’ll all go home together – if you think that’s O.K.? – phone me one dinner hour – (1-1-20) before the 29th – or write & let me know. – of course if you can think of anything better its all the same to us. – Oh, I’m most frightfully excited 

– I wish I could jump over Christmas – except for presents! - & also as a matter of fact I’m simply fed to the teeth with this hum-drum existance! (I’d forgotten that for the moment!) – Everybody here complains about everything – with never a cheering word for anybody – sometimes I want to sit down & weep - & long to fly to somewhere nice & sunny & quiet – with trees & rivers & grass – all by itself - & just go to sleep for ever – oh! I am an ass – but haven’t you ever felt like that? – Living is such a thankless task – specially when one is not original enough to make something out of it all.

- tons of love, old thing, (pretend you’ve known me for a long time – will you ?)

- all the best etc for Christmas

- Simply living for Thursday week.


Mary Pleasant xxx

P.S Norah would have 40 fits if she saw this – so would lots of people – in fact perhaps you will too – but it just comes – specially when I’m empty!!

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