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21st December 1932 - Terrick to Mary

21st December 1932

Dear Mary Pleasant

I could not ring up on Monday evening as I was sent down to Bournemouth on business and didn’t get back to Hampstead till after midnight.  Last night, however I left a message to say that I should be able to come on the 29th and also would find something for the 31st .  Paul can also come on both days.

Now the snag about the 31st will be getting home.  We live such miles apart.  For this reason I am getting Paul to find out what is on at the Locarno, Streatham.  He says it is not bad there.  That would be nearer your home and I shall be able to see you safely there and reach Hampstead before the end of January.

Sometimes cross country journeys turn out to be longer than one direct from London, so I shall investigate the possibilities of the Empress Rooms, Kensington, where the dancing is generally pretty good.  Anyhow, I’ll find something.  Renny, my brother, may also be able to come that night.

Well, bung-ho! And remember me to all your family.  I am sending you a Christmas card this evening if I can find one nice enough for you.

Love from 


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