Sunday, 16 December 2012

16th December 1932 - Mary to Terrick



- Thanks tons for lovely long letter. - & for trying for scarf. – heavens only knows what I shall get her now! – am frightfully bucked about Sunday – be at Hampstead tube station at 3.0. p.m. will you? – I don’t know for certain whether N. can come yet – but if not I will – but I hope to goodness she can! – will discuss everything then – I’ve got masses to talk about – Please take my family with a pinch of salt – I expect they’re sick of your name already! - & its not as bad as all that with N & Gray (christian name!) – she’d slay me if she thought you knew who he was - & I’m not jealous – only anxious – but mums the word! – well heaps of love till Sunday – longing to see you.

- love M. Pleasant

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