Saturday, 8 December 2012

8th December 1932 - Terrick to Mary

The Highland Hotel
Fort William
8th December 1932

Dear Mary Pleasant

Our letters crossed.  I can manage the 29th all right, but should be glad if you would put me up as I have a dance, also at Hayes, the night after and two nights out of bed will be a bit wearing especially as the night after that is New Year’s Eve when there is sure to be whoopee somewhere.

All right, I don’t mind being No. 5.  I’m not proud.

I don’t know about Paul on that date.  He has to get back to Carshalton.

As Yet I cannot let you know about the 18th.  If I get back to town that morning I will certainly come, but there is some idea of my stopping Saturday night at home.  I will let you know.  In any case the 11th is N.G. I think the 18th will be all right.

As far as I know the 5th is O.K. but I believe I am to come up here again after Xmas as the Howes have to take the third week of holiday owed to them.

You know perfectly well that I do not try to find excuses when I get an invite from you.  I think we get on very well together.  I know I enjoyed our last evening enormously.  I will even go so far as to say that I think you are rather fun.  However, you were probably fishing for this sort of thing, so I will come to an abrupt end.

Love from 


Call me Fitz if you like, but the Christian name is as above if  you like the sound of it.

T.V.H. FH.

Scribbled across top left corner:

I never fish for complements – it’s not worth trying!

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