Wednesday, 26 December 2012

26th December 1932 - Mary to Terrick

Postcard – posted 27.12.32

Dear Fitz

- Please excuse pencil but its boxing day & I’m so full that I can’t get up to get my pen.

- about Thursday – could you both manage to arrive dressed? 

- I know it’ll be a bit early for you to change to be at Hammersmith by 6.15 – but we’ve been talking it over & have come to the conclusion that 10 of us all wanting to use the bathroom between 6.30 & 7.30 would be too dreadful - & also John & Mr Hodson would all have to scrum in with you - & I know none of you would get your ties tied straight in a crush! – So what do you think? 

- you see, we’ll bring you here – plonk you in the drawing-room with the days paper etc – then we’ll dress - & all eat sandwiches, coffee etc before hieing ourselves hence.

- would that be O.K.? – Let me know if not.

- We’ve had a very nice Christmas – but relations get more trying as they grow older & its very wearing.


Mary P

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