Thursday, 29 November 2012

29th November 1932 - Mary to Terrick

79 Clerkenwell Road
E.C. 1

Tuesday (29.11.32)

Dear Fitz

- Am sitting in office waiting for them to bring down lunch.  Jack & I always have ours in here with the two managing directors – (being offsprings of the firm as it were) some customer is blocking the doorway to my library book so you’re the first interesting person I could think of to scribble this to.  Please excuse dreadful paper – but the firm is rather sparing with its headings.

Thank you ever so much for taking us out last Wednesday – I should have written before, but you’re just the same.  When you haven’t got to be nice & polite to people.

Norah spent last weekend with me – we had a lovely time – as always – only it would have been nice if you could have come on Sunday – but it was just bad luck you couldn’t come.  – But you simply must one day,  & I could invite you any one, only Norah won’t be allowed to come again for ages – it wouldn’t be any fun without her – so perhaps we could fix up another evening or something?

I looked out for you on the train last Thursday morning – I was at Belsize Park at 8.53 – but no luck - & whenever you go home at about 6.45 on Thursdays you might just keep a look out for me on Tottenham Court Rd platform, because I go to exercises at Hampstead every Thursday & so manage to get off early – it would be rather fun to be able to say “Whopee – theres Fitz” wouldn’t it?  But fate’s never kind enough when she deals with tube trains!

- Well – here comes lunch – must stop.

- When I find a good day I’ll ask you to come over - & we’ll go out in my car! – Don’t forget Jan 6th - & remember me to Paul!

Much love

Mary Pleasant

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