Friday, 5 August 2016

5th August 1936 - Mary to Terrick

Dunally Lodge

Aug 5th '36

My very own dearest dear - I can't enclose your photographs because it was early-closing day, but I'll get them done when I go to Richmond next.  I thought this important point wanted explaining thoroughly - so I had better write you a letter - don't you think so too?

This morning when I left you at the station I felt as if you were going a long way away - & that I wasn't going to see you for months - it was all I could do to bear up until I got to school.  Miss X had slept badly, and was a bit grumpy, but we worked like navvies until 1-15, when I felt ready to drop with emptiness - so I went to Grannie's for a boiled egg (and thought of you!) I forgot to tell you that we talked about you v. Philip Wilson Dixon at lunch yesterday with Grannie & Miss X.  Grannie saying how very much she liked you - you had all the push and will to get on that Philip would never have!!! 

I went to sleep this afternoon and have been writing letters for the last two hours.  I have sent Hamels the photographs, with my letter.  I did enjoy it all so much.  Of course (although it sounds a bit Ethel M. Well) I should love even the most awful place as long as we were together - because I think the double haze over everything of loving and being loved hides such a lot of things that would worry one to distraction without it.  But to love and bee loved in perfect places is the ideal - and (as you notice) is almost too much for anyone!

- I long for the time I shall see you next - I long for the week when you come home here every evening - I long for Penzance and having you to myself all day long - and I long with the passionate desire which is either two trite words or a hundred overwhelming emotions, for the time when I shall live beside you in mind every day, and sleep beside you in body every night.

and even with all these longings for the future (trademarks of my animal existence!) I am supremely content (another trademark) to think how wonderful life and you are to me - and it's a slight relief to think that there's more than a 50/50 chance that our offspring will be definitely above "animal" level.  Anyhow if they show any leanings that way they won't be allowed to lean long.

I put my £10 in the National Savings today - that's £30 now. If I left it in 10 years it would be £40 - so do you think perhaps we'd better wait?

Have they worked you off your feet today?  Poor old thing, I expect you're still slogging away as I write this.  Did you meet your Mother? - and how is she?  Perhaps you could find time just to ring me up sometime tomorrow or Friday before you go.  And don't forget to let me know what time you get back, because I might be able to come & meet the train in.  If you have a spare minute to find out the cost of Penzance - or I shall have spent it all.

All my heart & a long long kiss comes with this - your Mary Pleasant  x

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