Thursday, 7 May 2015

7th May 1935 - Terrick to Mary



I expect you thought me batty on the phone this afternoon.  You see there was another strife about private phone calls just before, but as I had already decided that I must ring you & wish you all the best, as I hadn't been able to do it this morning, I chose a time when Hawken was out & asked for your number.  Before the damn thing came through he unexpectedly came back, so when the bell rang I decided to try & pretend that you were ringing me.  When the maid came on I said "Miss Ormiston!" in a tone of mixed surprise & query.  she said "Do you want to speak to her" & I said in a consenting tone "Yes; All right;" & then waited.  So when you came on I had to start "It's me speaking" & before asking anything or wishing you anything  had to wait while you were supposed to be telling me something.

Hence my dotty conversation!

By now it is over.  The second performance halves its terrors for itself.  Do you think yourself that you were good?  Tell me what people said?


At home

I have taken the two films to be developed and also the "still" film with pictures of Schwaneberg on it.  that will be ready tomorrow.  I'll bring the prints to the dance on Friday.

I must stop now & do some work.

Life is great fun.  I feel it is getting  better & better in possibilities.  Perhaps only because it is Springtime.

Your forget-me-nots have perked up amazing now.  The cowslips look a bit tired.

I think that we could be very happy just doing things side by side if (were it possible) sex did not occur to us at all.  It would as a matter of fact be a much happier conjunction than a sex one can ever be, because the little (very little only) thorns of irritation that do arise with us, all originate in the sex aspect of our friendship.

But it cannot be, because I am never content.  When I look at you I want to embrace you.  When I touch you I want to hold you.  It we could life back to back we could be sure, I think, of being very happy together always.

Well, goodbye old thing.



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