Thursday, 21 May 2015

21 May 1935 - Mary to Terrick



Have just torn up slushy letter which took me an hour to write yesterday evening when I might have been writing thank-you letters.  That's what comes of reading them over in the morning.  However, it got a lot off my chest for me and I felt much better - so this one can be quite "early morningish".  I phoned Mr Bernays last night - and promised to go to tea with him next Sunday.  He invited you too - but I suppose you won't be back in time - will you?  It would be much nicer if you came too.

Here is Helen's cheque - did you go round for it last night? she's left the amount for you to fill in.

I had a most wonderful birthday - and I shall never be able to forget it because of you. - how you spoilt my Friday - were quite ineffective on Saturday - and crowned my Sunday.

Thank you ever and ever so much for the camera - you could never realize how much I really appreciate it.

Please go on loving me as much long as possible - because I should never find anybody else who could be so angry with me and love me again afterwards.

         Mary Pleasant

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