Saturday, 23 May 2015

23rd May 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

23rd May 1935

Dearest One, 

Did you blush a lot at the rehearsal?  Or had they all gone home?

I am sitting at my desk with your photograph just by my right hand.  You look demureness personified.  I am sure the maids think we must be a "sweet" couple.

It was the nicest surprise, the sudden announcement of you by  the office boy.  I was just starting to open about sixty letters from people in answer to an advertisement of ours for a rep.  And my prospect for this evening was three hours hard work.  Instead of that calm and solitary labour, there comes to me an overwhelmingly exciting hour.

On Sunday we explored new territory in our minds - or, at least, I did.  This evening was the same on a different plane.  So long as we have still something more to find out about each other, the chase for the innermost essence goes on.  I suppose that is the secret of people's retaining an interest in each other.  Each must have a depth and complexity of character that just exceeds the divining, perceptive and intuitive power of the other.  And as the power of perceiving modes of thought in others comes from ones own depth & complexity of character, so the characters of each of the couple that fit in this way will be about equally deep & complex.  Deep people soon tire of the company of shallow ones, in other words.

I rang up home.  Twice the connection was cut off in the middle of the conversation & put together again.

Eileen is going first to Wensley & then to Ruby.  D & M have arranged with the German Consul in Darlington that Herbert shall pay money into his bank in Bremen 7 take it out here.  But we are not quite sure if he has taken advantage of it.

I must stop now & look for a good plot for my next play.  I rather want to read "The Angel of the Assassination", a biography of Charlotte Corday who murdered Marat in the French Revolution.  I believe there are the elements of a real drama in that affair.

Don't forget the photograph, will you.  And the boat train from Dover gets in at 3.46p.m. on Sunday.

Goodbye till then, dearest dear.

Wherever I go, and wherever you go, my heart points to you like the needle of a compass.


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