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22nd May 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

22nd May 1935

Dearest Heart

You letter was very nice except for one thing: your reference to the long slushy one you had torn up.  You ought to know by now that I like long slushy letters.

Love makes a person infinitely more susceptible to affront, pique and jealousy than he or she has ever been before; and it needs a great deal of understanding and gentleness on the part of both the people in love to avoid differences that would never occur between the most peppery business partners.  It is my bad luck I suppose (!) to have fallen in love with someone who is less apt than the normal woman at thoughtfulness for others!  Probably you think the same of me.  Still, I believe I can say that fifty percent of my capacity for being annoying is intentional and provoked by the hurts you inflict on me.

Don't take me seriously, old thing.  I am half fooling, and half stabbing out in retaliation for old wounds still sore.

Perhaps it is not generous of me to say it, even foolingly.  Perhaps, like you, I shall tear this letter up after I have got it off my chest.  Or are you understanding enough to bear with a convalescent heart's touchiness?

Yesterday I visited the Aristos Amateur Photoplays.  They have many drawbacks but I do think they would be worth joining if only for a year, for then we should have the knowledge and experience to start a club of our own.

They are not so expert or so professionally equipped as the Brondesbury people, but from the accounts of the clubs in the magazines I gather that the latter spend far more money on their films than any other society.  Also from conversation both with the Brond. secretary, Mr Ludin, & with the secretary of Aristos I understand that about half the money is put up by Ludin himself who is a tremendous enthusiast.

The Aristos members are considerably younger than the average of the Brondesbury.  This makes for noisiness and delays (!) They are as friendly and nice as the Meynoss people but considerably more intelligent and better equipped.

They have at present twenty members and do not want many more than twenty-five. Their "studio", a big room and some small rooms in a basement, has been given them by a father of a girl member.  The subscription is £1. 1s 0d a year and personal expenses such as refreshments, fares, petrol etc. Which comes to a matter of a few pence per week only.  They allow £10 for making a film where the Brondesbury spend £150!

They are making two films at present: "Night Adventure", the action of which all takes place during one night and early the next morning; and "The Family", a film being made especially for the Amateur Cine World competition.  The latter will be finished in July, the former in October.

There are no acting parts going till July but plenty to do on the technical side.  We can however start making a film of our own using the club for titling, splicing etc which will save us buying a lot of apparatus.

You must come with me next Tuesday.  If Brenda is free Paul and she are coming too.  Miss Seamans also  wants to come, but I am not sure I want her to.  You should have come yesterday; though I admit I was a bit afraid of you being disappointed by "plebeianism" if you didn't have your mind prepared beforehand.  They are just the same as the Brondesbury people, rather the upper shop or lower office class, but all the cine clubs seem to be the same.  As long as you don't put my indifference of it down to my Communism I don't mind.

I get back to Victoria from Boulogne at 3.46 pm. on Sunday.  Will that be early enough for me to come to tea with you at Mr Bernays'?  I can leave my luggage at the station; or, if you have the car, you could perhaps meet me there.

I have just got an invitation to another dance on 28th June from some people called Stephenson who live in Wimbledon.

On Friday Eileen & Herbert arrive.  they should get to Waterloo at about 4.30 p.m. but I can't know until early the same afternoon when the "Deutschland" is about to dock at Southampton.

I hope you haven't forgotten to get me a copy of the "Dream" photograph.  I am very impatient to have it.  How much will it be?

Thanks very much for the cheque.  I have cashed it.

Have you got rid of all the "thankyou" letters yet?  Aren't they a nuisance!  It almost makes one wish the people hadn't given one anything, to try and find something intelligent to say about each one.

Well, I must stop now and try and find a new play plot.

I love you very much.

Will you come and see "Love on the Dole" with me next week? It is supposed to be marvellous.

A whole heartful of love.
"pressed down and overflowing"


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