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6th January 1936 - Terrick to Mary

6th January 1936

Darling Mary (Patootie)

Already I miss you.  I makes it worse to see you for several days on end.  I very soon get so that I can't do without you.  Did you get home safely?  I rang you up from Earl's Court and Jill answered.

Here is your family tree.  I can't remember where I got the information from.  Will you put in Auntie Margot's surname and the Christian name of your mother's father.  If you could put under the names of some of the earlier men where they lived, it would probably help col. O, because there must have been a good many James O's in different parts of England & Scotland at the end of the 18th cent.

Write and say that Mr W.J. Ormiston of 35 Penn Road N.7 (say what relation to you, if any) sent you a copy of his booklet "The Ormistons of That Ilk" and that you see from it that Col. O. has collected a great amount of information about that family, so that you are writing to ask him to give you a rough copy of the family tree showing your own ancestry as far back as possible; and to tell you to what arms you are entitled.

His address is 

Lt.-Col. T.L. Ormiston
Trood House

Only put the "Lt-Col" on the envelope; inside call him Colonel Ormiston.

Today I had my first fitting of the new suit.  It looks pretty super.  I am to go for another on Thursday.

Renny has been turned out of his digs for the letter about the hot water.  He is going to Warwick Gardens.  The woman in a chiropractor with two very smart daughters!  Renny is already planning to take one of them to the Guildhall tomorrow week"!  he doesn't move into the place till Saturday.

I must go and study the situation columns of the Telegraph, also the "Businesses for Sale".

Oh, sweetheart, I do look forward to another outing, if only for the pleasure of sitting next to you in a coach or train for hours and travelling away.  The distance by itself is something nice & comfortable.



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