Tuesday, 26 January 2016

26th January 1936 - Mary to Terrick


Sunday Jan 26 '36

My own very special dearest of dears - if any fool at this moment were to ask me what it was like to be in love I should break down and sob like a child on their shoulder that it was the most wonderful thing on earth.  Rome & Juliet have gone to my head- I keep on opening the play and reading bits of it. there are lots of bits I'd like to remind you of but they look so foolish taken out of their context.  I have just read an article by Clemence Dane on "Love" in which he (sic) quotes the lovely passage from the Bible beginning "Love suffereth long and is kind --" it's wonderful if you take is lowly and think about it.  I must copy it out one day, together with "Let us now praise famous men" and the Song of Solomon, so that I can read them every now and again when I'm sad.  Love makes people sad - it makes them cry their hearts away for 2 minutes and for no reason - and when they've dried their eyes they're happier than they've ever been in all their life.

As perhaps you gather, I am very much in love at the moment - you see he is so kind - and sincere - and unselfconscious - and good-looking - and so so funny - and cleans his teeth every day - and has a clean hankie every day - and apologises when his nails are grubby - and loves me so much - and indeed is so altogether admirable - that my soul melts and my eyes grow misty at the thought of him.

 In fact, one day I'm going to marry him - but I've got heaps and heaps of things to get done first - and they're all going to be far more exciting to do than if I was doing them for myself.

If I could only see you for 10 minutes every day I should never become such a fool as to write to you like this - but as I don't I'm afraid I have to (respectively) to get it all off my chest.

School is even harder this term - but is still interesting - I wish Miss Cross wasn't so foolish sometimes - I find I have less patience with her methods of organisation than I used to have.

I wish the B.B.C would offer me the television job.

This time next year I shall be taking an evening course in cookery! - or perhaps Domestic Science in its entirety would be better - and this time next year I shall have a "bottom drawer" - that's always been a great ambition of mine!

When Mummy goes away - would you please, one Saturday, take me to the British Museum? - and couldn't we see some other nice places in London - or go for a bus ride? - I love bus rides - Because I feel it will be an opportunity for us to see some things together - I'd like to take you underneath All Hallows Church near the Tower & show you the Roman mosaic paving - and Pepys' staircase which he ran up to see the fire of London.  Both Auntie Bob & Auntie Bee have already invited me for weekends and asked me to invite you down for the day!

Please do you think you could manage to get that supplement they were selling at Romeo & Juliet on Friday.  I should love one.

I'm being very lazy in bed today with my boil - but it's better now - and I'm going to start a diet of raw sulphur! - I'm also in the throes of " God's Gift to Women". So you'd better revert your calendar to the 25th again - I can't think why it slipped last month. - 

- All my love - and do you think it will look silly to wear a signet ring on each hand?  I think perhaps it will


Mary Pleasant.

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