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14th January 1936 - Terrick to Mary

14th January 1936

My Darling,

The Story Writing class is over and I have got back to No.35 to find my new suit waiting for me.  So I have quickly put it on and creased my blue trousers.  here I am sitting resplendently garbed, writing to you.

Last night we went to see "Someone at the Door", a combination of farce and thriller that was quite amusing.  Fortunately on the Monday morning Priscilla sent me a card, or rather a card arrived from her, to say that she could not have anything to eat with me before the show, so I was able to have dinner with Mummy.

Andy wasn't at the class tonight, which was a pity because I particularly wanted to see him about his fool of a friend.  did I tell you that Andy rang me up to ask me to see what I could do about getting him, the Irish friend, Paul's job as he had lost the job at Gaumont British?  I looked into the matter & told Andy that I could get him an interview but he must first apply in writing and mention my name.  Well the silly fathead wrote a letter of about four lines which looked as though he had tried to do it with his toe dipped in ink.  It was only just legible; and there was no attempt at all to show why he thought it would be worth Hawken's while to give him an interview; no attempt to publicise himself.  So he won't get an interview and he'll have to pull his socks up or he won't get a job at all.  I am not going to put forward anyone else. First John Lingwood makes a fool of himself and now this ass.  C'est trop fort.

A curious thing has happened.  On Saturday a fellow called Drew (who invited me to the dance at his flat) got a better job with Hickie, Borman & Grant and gave a week's notice.  Digby told me on Monday afternoon that he and Hawkin had been talking about this and Hawkin had said: "The next one to go will be FitzHugh; and I know where he will be invited to go, which he doesn't know himself".  Digby made me promise not to tell Hawken that he had told me.  Isn't that queer.  I asked Digby whether Hawkin didn't mean that I should leave the Administration for another job in the firm, but he said that he got the impression that Hawken meant I should leave the Poly.  The only thing I can think of is that one of our agents wants a man and is thinking of asking me.

I do hope I shall see you tomorrow.  It will be nearly a week since last time.  it feels like ages.  have you seen the Telegraph these last few days.  On Friday and Monday I went and left mine at the Regent Palace before I had looked at the jobs and businesses.

I have had a letter from Hodson.  The furniture factory has gone smash, and he has heard that I am in the market for property; "Could we co-operate"! I'm careful what remarks to make, knowing how you can't keep yourself from repeating everything to your family.  But we talk about it to-morrow.

I must go to the post now.  I hope you still love me as much as you did when you wrote that very nice letter on Sunday.

I hope too that I'll be able to kiss you properly tomorrow.  I have got to got to the dentist in the afternoon because one of my front top teeth has taken to bleeding violently.  Digby I've go pyorrhoea.  Hawken says I haven't; so they've got a bet of a pint of beer on what the dentist's verdict is.

Till tomorrow, sweetheart.

Terrick  XXX

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