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12th January 1936 - Mary to Terrick

Jan 12th 1936

Dearest Dear, 

I have thought about you such a terrific lot since Friday that I am beginning to feel that love is a little foolish.  It will be all right when I have you all to myself for a bit of every day - just as it's perfect when we go away to stay together - because then I don't have to worry about you, or wonder about you, or plan for us both - or - in short - make up to myself for your not being there by thinking about you in every spare minute! But at the moment, because, I suppose, it's holiday time and I've nothing to use my brain on, I just let my thoughts run riot and plan and plan in the most "abandoned" manner - like Mummy does in bed - and my head goes round and round and round until I long more than ever just to talk to you so I needn't think about you any more.

Have you been out with your Mother all over the weekend?  What have you been doing? - Did you see "The Ghost Goes West"? - (I hope so, because I've asked Miss Olsson to go with Mummy & me to see it next Thursday).

I don't want to ask you too many question s because I think perhaps you might phone up this evening - & then it would be a waste of good space.

I want to come up and see you on Tuesday - can I?  I've got to go out to tea with a parent in Twickenham - but I can be up to you by 6.30 or 7.

I've received a notification from the B.B.C. telling me in beautiful print that they're considering my application.  I shall probably receive tomorrow their regrets owing to my 6½d photograph!

I'm going to play squash with Paget tomorrow evening from 8-9! much to the amusement of the family and on Wednesday I'm taking Mummy up to Barnet and going to tea with Mr Bernays - so I'll come and see you on Wednesday instead/as well if you like.l

We have Ursle here this weekend - and Paget - and Andy for the day - so we are our usual merry party.  Jill got home at 3.0 this morning from a wonderful dinner and dance somewhere in Kent with lots of champagne! - and is going out on Tuesday to the pictures in the afternoon, on to dinner, and to a theatre afterwards!  I want to go and see the three Noel Coward plays at the Phoenix one day.  They sound good, don't they?

I had a great thrill this morning - looking for a pair  of scissors in the machine drawer I found some brass curtain rings - and I discovered one that's exactly the right size for me - so I'll keep it - shall I - or present to to you to look after - because it may come in useful one day - you never know! - or perhaps we shall come to the point when we have to use it instead!!

I wonder what day Bodil arrives.  It will be fun seeing her again - I hope she stays in London a nice long time - I've got a lot of things I want to ask her!

Oh, I wish the summer was back again & we were lying on the grass at Schwaneberg in the sun - with the ants - and milk chocolate and you in your shirt - But there'll be other summers - and other ants - and lots more of you in your shirt!

This time last week we were just getting on to the coach for our three hours journey back.  It was lovely, wasn't it?

I think that my heart is being eaten away with longing at the moment - but one day I shall get it all back again - "full measure pressed down and running over" 

- Until then  - my very dearest dear - I love you with every bit of me - 


Mary Pleasant

I thought you'd just like some indigestion with your breakfast.
- I could start a series if you like -?- with life history written on back?

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