Thursday, 30 April 2015

30th April 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

30th April 1935

My Darling Dear,

Your letter arrived from Nice yesterday.  It was very nice to get it when least expected, & when most wanted.

At Nice I ahd no time to stop & think when is that letter coming, but now I am always ready & waiting for any sign of you.

Last night I had a very interesting time.  A school friend of mine called Prager who is with the Poly in summer & was at Nice with us, asked me to diner at an Italian restaurant in Charlotte St.  There and at a pub later we met some most amusing people, mostly artists and actors.  there was also a felow who was assistant rep at Lucerne with me my first year in the Poly.  He was doing it for his long vac. & is now a master at Stowe.  Also there was a Russian girl, an actress, who was sister of a fellow at Dulwich.  She was married to an Englishman but has left him & is now living with Harold Scott, the actor, who is at present in "the Beggar's Opera", is producing the Wednesday night show at the Arts Theatre Club & is in the new show at the Westminster starting on the 13th at the Embassy show that start on the 29th.  Their flat is in Chelsea so I offered to see her home.  She asked me in & I met Scott.  I eventually got home about midnight.

Renny changed his digs to-day & is coming round here soon to collect some things he left here.

My part of the show on Saturday ends at nine so I'll get away soon after & be outside the St. John's Hall at 11p.m.

Renny has arrived & wants me to see his new digs.

The projector has not arrived yet.

Nice was very unsettling.  work in the office seems very dull, though fortunately there is too much of it to get through for it to be boring.

I feel I need to see you again.  Nice made me feel very bachelorish, not so much the earnest endeavourer toward the goal of matrimony; more the globe-trotter, the free-agent again.  And though I want you just as much, it is as something I am going towards & not something I am surrounded  enveloped by.  Rather like a tram getting out of its line.  It still heads determined for its terminus but can look at its groove & feel a freer tram for being out of it.

I shall know tomorrow if I have to be in the office on May 6th.  I do hope not.

I'll stop now because Renny is getting restive too show me his new place.

I love you very much.  Be patient a bit longer.

All my heart


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