Thursday, 16 April 2015

16th April 1935 - Terrick to Mary

Hotel Christol-Bristol

16th April 1935


Arrived, had dinner at the station and have now booked rooms at the above hotel.

The crossing was foul, but with the help of a brandy soon after we left Folkestone I managed to come through intact.

We are a party of four, me & my assistant, Collins & Signor Starance, the man from the Compagnia Italiana di Turismo in London, & his assistant.

We start work on the Italian train tomorrow.

At Victoria I bought two cinematograph magazines: "Home Movies" and "The Amateur Cine World".

There is evidently a club at Richmond called the Aristos, one at Kingston and one at Teddington besides the one at Ravenscourt Park and London itself.

It is a good idea of yours to pick up the projector when I arrive & go on & show the film we took, but if we are having it on the instalment system there may be formalities before we can actually take possession of the projector.  So could you see Selfridge about it & give them your bank as reference, I expect your mother as a householder would do too.  Then if you will pay all the deposit, I will make up for it by paying all the first instalment (quite apart from the pound you lent me) and then we can be sure of having it on the Friday.  We shan't need a sheet; my wall will be straighter than any piece of cloth.

I am sorry the writing is so bad but I am having to write on a glass table that is very hard and low.

I read your letter in bed this morning and it put me right for the day.  The office work was a great rush, I only left the office just before four.  At midday I just had time to get down to Piccadilly & collect my new suit which was ready & fits magnificently.

Now I am looking forward to getting back & seeing you at Victoria.  Here is a folder on the Nice celebrations for the winter & spring which I have found in the hotel.


Next Morning before breakfast.

Slept well & feel very hungry.  there is only a measly French breakfast waiting for me downstairs.

I love you a lot and shall marry you sooner than you anticipate.  Life is very good & should get better & better. (That's how I feel this morning).

When we get our projector we shall also be able to see the Glenelg excursion film that I took.  I had forgotten that.  Parts of it look quite good but it has been impossible to see it properly on the old midget movie thing.

Must stop now & go and have some grub.  My Nice address is the Hotel Albion.  I don't know the street but I think the name of the hotel will be sufficient.


Terrick         XXXXX 

Hope you manage to get to Trevetherick in the end.

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