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18th April 1935 - Mary to Terrick


Thursday  2.45pm

Dear Heart - I'm sorry this paper isn't my usual - as it rather spoils this exciting illusion of blind-folding space and time.  But perhaps that's rather childish - and we're growing-up! - And, who knows, you might have to pay extra on the weight of this paper - and think how exciting that would be!

Thank you very much for your nice letter - externally (from envelope and fatness) it carried me back nearly two years, so that I just lay & looked at it for a bit - internally it jumped me on to April, 1935.  I think I like its intervals better.  as long as one still has the power of liking better one can never grow tired of things.  It comes very easily to the young - it's a great asset to the old.

- Excuse this, but I have just finished the book the Reyneaus lent me and it's very "euphemistic" - if that's what I mean. - but tremendously interestingly & cleverly told.  You have to go on and on - and when I put it down and turned out the light last night I couldn't, for a moment, remember who or where I was - really I was in some slum back-street in Berlin and the family were a nuisance because they kept on interrupting & I couldn't go on - it was a very funny feeling.

I'm sorry - I'm forgetting about your 400 friends clamouring to have their days planned for them - I wonder where you'll read all this.

How are things going?  I suppose you're being efficient and officious as usual?  Do you still stride mightily and with purpose, clutching sheaves of typed papers?  Do you lay down the law in a mighty voice when the party wishes to dawdle behind and dig up the landscape to take home?  And do young, attractive females all unsuspectingly (ignorant of the fatal attraction of their complexions and figures) still bag the seats on either side of you?  Or do you find that the years have done their ghastly work - and not even the perfectly fitting new suit can make up for those graying temples and withered skin - those stooping shoulders & blotched countenance which, all to plainly, mark a youth of continual oat-sowing and 28 years of miss-spent energies?

But no - I fear I am wilfully defrauding myself of the exquisite pains of jealousy! - tell me you've kissed somebody! - That you took them out into the garden and forgot all about me - tell me that four of them went on all the excursions that you took - that they hung on your words when you danced with them, and blushed when you cursed all the "duty" dances you had still to make!

Gosh! - It gives me such a wonderful pictures that I'd give anything to be one of the four  - I'd give them a good two days start and best them at it then - not with any new method, mind you, but just the same old one, because it would be you I was after - and I should have the advantage of knowing such a lot about you that we could start at the end instead of the beginning!

(you notice I have a lot of time at my disposal this afternoon!)

I have rather a nasty cold in my nose, caught, I think from kissing Mrs Eriksen farewell in the first scene.  However it's a good job you're not here - I should hate you to have one too.

I go up to a rehearsal tonight at 7. and then catch the 12.20 train from Paddington to Plymouth, arriving at 7. Change for Bodmin Rd. - arrive at 8.50 and get to the place in time for breakfast.  I expect the train will be crowded out - but I hope to sleep quite comfortably on my next door neighbour.  I feel I shouldn't be going without you there - I've never been in a train at night without you!

Mummy & Jack are bringing me back on Tuesday.  I'll try & get the projector on Thursday - or anyway see them about it.  I was wondering if it would be possible to get a cheaper one 2nd hand - or hadn't they got one at the place you got the camera.  I feel the great thing is that it mustn't be flickery - or can't you help that as the film goes round?  It's so tiring to look at if it flickers all the time, isn't it?

Mr Payne has sent us all a box of chocolates for Easter - as usual - he's a dear man - 3lb of chocolates a year for 4 of us for at least 12 years is amazing.

We've bought ordinary invitation cards for my 21st - we're going to dance on the Saturday - the 18th - now.  About 30 of us - first to supper here - and then on to the usual dance at Oatlands Park Hotel - very good floor & band Jack says.  First of all we made out a list of 50 people - but decided we'd got far too many 'asked-for-politeness' people - so we went and scratched out 20 with the greatest ease.  Now it ought to be quite a good party.  Mummy's still having her "at home" on the Friday.

- I suppose I must stop and go and make up Andy's bed.  He & flip start off on their tour tomorrow at crack of dawn.

Are you having wonderful heat & sunshine - there's a fearful wind & drizzle here.  I do hope it's fine over the week-end - write to me, won't you, just a p.c. would do - so that I know you haven't been eaten by a Mediterranean shark!

Flip sends his love - he's sitting opposite roaring uncouthly over "Razzle" I daren't even ask what he's laughing at.

- All my love, old thing, although its quality is now & again inclined to be questionable ---------


Mary Pleasant

I thought perhaps you'd be interested in the enclosed (just to make this fatter!) April 19th 1933 - I nearly sent 1934 - but it's not quite so historically interesting - 

But keep this very preciously for me - I couldn't bear to lose it.  It did something very funny to my inside when I got it.

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