Thursday, 23 April 2015

23rd April 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Cardigan House

Tuesday 9.30pm

Dearest Dear - Thank you for your letter - it was lovely getting one from you at all to hear how things were going.  I'm sorry about the troublesomeness of people in general - but I hope its not spoiling everything - it should be doing you a lot of good - I shall be very cross with 400 persons if you come back looking peaky and worn out!

I've just got back from Cornwall.  I had a lovely time - lots of wind & rain. - We got soaked every day and my hair now trails around my shoulders most picturesquely.  Jack & Mummy called for me at 9.0 this morning - just as I had got out of bed - so I had a frightful rush.  and we got home at 7.0 after tearing recklessly along at 60 most of the way, & missing most wonderful scenery - but we had to get back for me to come to this.  I'm just writing this in bits between scenes - a little difficult.

You'll let me know about Friday & the Train, won't you? & you're coming home for the weekend aren't you? - Gosh, I'm longing for it.

Must finish this tomorrow owing to pressing business at the moment.

            +              +               +               +               +


Have just invited old school friend (the one I disillusioned some years ago) to stay here until Saturday - but she says she has a lot of shopping to do on Friday - so I'll leave her somewhere in town & pick her up later.

Will you come to a  5/- dance with me on May 10th - Friday? - It's an old Watsonian Jubilee dance at the Hammersmith Palais de Dance - got up by Jean Dunbar's father & ought to be quite good.  I don't know what Miss Cross will have to say about me in Jubilee week - I shall hardly be at school at all.  J. Carlton comes to stat in Richmond next Tuesday until the show.  It seems awfully close.

I have just caught sight of my German Books in the cupboard.  I'll make an attempt to do some really hard work before the weekend to surprise you.

- I enclose two post-cards.  Daymer Bay is practically the view from the window - the church was once buried under sand & they dug it out - and we paddled on the sand you can see.  The far point on the right hand side is Pentire Point in the other one - the Hill is 1 in 6 and we walked down & up it at least once a day - but I'm no thinner.  ON Sunday we walked right up to the point and had lunch there - it's frightfully high & then on for miles along the cliff until we saw Tintagel in the distance - it always thrill me tremendously to think of Tintagel - doesn't it you?

Well give my love to Paul - and come back safely.

- All my love too

Mary Pleasant
                      x x x

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