Wednesday, 15 April 2015

15th April 1935 - Mary to Terrick



Dearest Dear - I wish you weren't going such a long way away - and for such a long time - but if you were still a proper rep it would be for much much longer, so I suppose I mustn't grumble.  And its rather nice to think of you going back into all the pictures I put you in before - except that it won't be quite the same person I shall put in the pictures.

I phoned Waterloo this morning and found there wasn't a through train to Wadebridge after 11. on Thursday morning - and no connections either  so heaven knows how I'm going to get there - but I've written to ask miss Olsson.

I've also written to ask Eileen.  I hope Mummy won't say I've got to come straight home after Inge's - when will you know when you can have your holiday?

If I meet you on Friday week and you get the afternoon off couldn't we get the developed film and projector and go back and hang one of your sheets up and try it?

You can keep my £1 to pay for the deposit on the projector - you're never likely to get another out of me! - and listen, old thing, I don't want a push-in camera for my birthday because it'll be a miles too much expensive present, taking into consideration the cine plus projector plus wardrobe - and there are heaps of smaller things I'd love. - so if you get me a camera I shan't take it - and it's the sort of thing you can always give me in the years to come "as a token of deep esteem" - if, after a few more years - you have any esteem left for me - and I'm afraid that wouldn't be very deep.

I wish you were coming down here on my birthday afternoon - because I want to invite Madame Reyneau - and she must have someone to talk to - unless I give her Mr Jennings or Mr Bernays. - and you'd be so helpful!

Will you put in for your rise next week? I'm longing to hear the result. - I don't know what Granny will say if they don't give you one - I can almost imagine her calling personally on the Commander to try & interest him in her "great-grandchildren" project!

Well I must stop this inconsequent rambling and pour out tea - I'm afraid that never again shall I be able to write letters like i wrote you last time you were in Nice.  Perhaps it's a good thing.  But you can have a good shot at it for me - only you needn't go to the trouble of making copies! - And will it be on the same sort of paper?

- I feel as if you were going for years and years - think of me tomorrow when you get a chance - I love you very much - and I'm sorry for all the other people who can't have you - and I'm a little sorry for you who've got me

- yours

Mary Pleasant

Good Hunting ! - & be good.

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