Saturday, 6 June 2015

5th June 1935 - Terrck to Mary



I am sitting in Renny's room.  We have just come back from Aunt Mildred's.  Both Eileen & Herbert send you their love & want your address in Berlin so that they can get into touch with you there.

I got my play back from John Gielgud this evening with a letter saying that he did not want a period play at present ant that he very much doubted the drawing-power of the Saxon play however well written.

So I'll send it to the Embassy.  Donald Wolfit told Lamb exactly the same about the Saxon setting when Lamb told him about my play.  If it proves an insuperable ?? the play will at any rate have taught me a lot.

I do hope I can come home with you tomorrow.  I want to talk to you all about nothing.  I love you very much & am getting very impatient at waiting for you. 


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