Friday, 5 June 2015

5th June 1935 - Mary to Terrick


June 5th 1935

Dearest Dear _ I've only got 15 minutes before the post goes - and I feel as if I've got such a lot to say - but I haven't really - it's only "feeling".

I've just 'phoned Mummy & she says of course you can come tomorrow.  I should love you to - if you are quite sure you won't put all the blame on me for taking you away from your cine evening.  But, you see, it would be a very long time - nearly 10 days if you don't come.

We leave here at 2 on Friday - & may get there about 8.0p.m. I'll get the address for you tomorrow.  Oh - I would have liked to have seen Eileen.

I'm getting my "Amateur Theatre" tomorrow too.

Darling - thank-you for saying you'd come - I'm sorry to be so importunate.

- I don't improve much, do I?  never mind - there's still time.

I love you tremendously -

Yours   Mary

(Have just thought - are you getting discouraged about my ever improving?)

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