Thursday, 11 June 2015

11th June - Terrick to Mary

11th June 1935

Darling Mary Pleasant,

Have you had a good time?  I rang you up an hour and twenty minutes ago, at 9.45 but you hadn't got back.  I think Miss Hastings answered the phone.

I got your card this morning but not the letter you mentioned on it.

I spent a very quiet time here.  The only jollification I went in for was a few beers with Renny and "Lives of a Bengal Lancer" at the Kensington.  A funny film.  All the outstanding bits were good, such as the snake-charming, the pig-sticking and the attempt to rescue Stone, but the story was the most dripping-with-sentiment one I have ever seen; it made the first half of the film ridiculous.

I am going to ring you up again tonight but in case you are not yet in will you come to "Love on the Dole" with me tomorrow - Wednesday.  If you can get away in time ring me up at the office and meet me in town for a meal.  If you can get away so soon come and have dinner here & do some German (really) and read "The Slug" which I finished over the weekend.  i want your criticism of it.

All the rises have been refused, although Ashe admitted that I ought to have one.  the firm can't afford it & there may be cuts at the end of the season.

I wrote yesterday to Marit (the girl who writes scenarios at Elstree) and I am going to do my best to get some introductions from her.  From now on I must not relax my efforts to get another job.  The Poly is a wash-out.

I have just tried to ring you again.  So far there is no answer.  If it doesn't come through in a minute or two I shall have to take this to the post.  Ring me up tomorrow - at 1.30p.m. if possible.

All Love


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