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27th December 1933 - Terrick to Mary


27th December 1933

Dear Mary Pleasant

"Down the Sky" was lovely.  I sat and chuckled through it all Christmas afternoon and evening.  You were a dear to give it me when you were so broke - and to take me to "Havana Windows"!

The quotation that E.V. Lucas took the title from is very appropriate for us:

" - I remembered how often you & I had tired the sun with talking and sent him down the sky."

Talking, in fact, is what we do best.  It is often nonsense, and it's often lies (!) but it goes on sixteen to the dozen.

I started to write you a long letter on Sunday morning telling you what I had been doing in Grindelwald together with a few philosophical observations on love and Mary Ormiston, but then I found that in this Modvinity-Devil-forsaken spot there were no posts out till today.

I am not going to the dance at Oxford on the 29th as I have to work till 5.30 p.m. now and that gives me no time.  So what about "the Cherry Orchard" that evening.  I have an idea that you have something else on, but if not let us go to the Old Vic (or is it Sadler's Wells) that evening (a) because I have an anniversary to celebrate (b) because I have either two dances or one dance and a journey to Switzerland next week.  I'll ring you up this evening about it, probably before you will get this letter.

We have heard from Eileen this morning.  She is arriving in London on Saturday evening.  I shall get Renny to meet her and see if he can get someone to partner her to the Criterion on Sunday if his foreigners will come.

If you are out this evening I'll ring you up to-morrow (Thursday) morning.

In the meantime, a kiss for every word of this letter, and

My Love


                         Terrick xxx etc

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