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16th December 1933 - Terrick to Mary


16th December 1933

Dear Mary Pleasant, 

Various developments.  First, don't choose Monday to come shopping as I am lunching with Neat and going to a dance in Wimbledon, where I stay the night with a cousin of an aunt's.  At least I think that is who I got the invitation from.  But I had never heard her name having only met her at the lunch party with my uncle that I told you about.  A few days later I got this invitation signed Elizabeth Royds and was entirely mystified until I remembered that this girl had said she lived in Wimbledon.

Second, I can't see you on Thursday, because I may have to go to Grindlewald, getting back on Saturday.  I hope to get out of it as it will cut a day off my time at home.

Third, I am due to go to Grindlewald again on January 5th, the day of the Empress Rooms affair.  I may get out of that but cannot know until half an hour before the train goes, as it rests with the clients whether they shall be conducted or not.

So I will arrange with Neat on Monday for us to go to the E.R. another day.

Fourth, Paul is too broke to go anywhere on New Year's Eve, so I may get my brother to come, or/and you could press Norah.  Still, I daresay, if the worst comes to the worst we could manage to put up with our own undiluted society for one evening.

This afternoon I am going down to Carshalton for lunch, tea & dinner.  Ring me up tomorrow, Sunday; I shall probably be at home all day revising Edwy and going into one or two questions in the Family History.

I shall have to see you more than once in seven days in future.  It seems months since I last talked to you.


      Terrick   xxx

I am free at 4.30p.m. On your shopping day will you come and dine at 186?  We could get in a flick first.

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